Gym Policies & Procedures


Welcome to Morrison Gymnastics Academy! In order to serve you and your child in the best possible way, we ask that everyone observe and follow these policies and procedures.


Gym rules:

For everyone’s safety and due to insurance regulations, adults and children not in class are NEVER allowed in the gym area or on any equipment.


Bathroom Policy:

For parents of 3 year olds:

In accordance with USA Gymnastics rules and regulations and our insurance requirements, parents or care-givers of children 3 and under, must remain in the building during class time in case bathroom or out of class care is needed.

For parents of 4-6 year olds:

Parents or care-givers of such children must remain in the building during class time.  IF your child needs assistance using the bathroom, please make yourself readily available to assist them.


Drop off/Pick up

1. Children may not be dropped off earlier than ten minutes before their scheduled class nor picked up later than ten minutes after the class has ended. Parents of kindergarten aged children and younger are recommended to wait in the building during class.

2. Children who are not participating in gym classes may NOT  be left at the gym without parental supervision.



1. Girls can wear any type of leotard. Footless tights are optional. Students may go barefoot or wear gymnastics shoes. Please have long hair tied back. No hard balls or barrettes. No jewelry, including knotted strings, beads, nylon bands, anklets and similar may be worn during class with the exception of studded earrings.

2. Boys wear T-shirts and shorts with no buckles, snaps or zippers.

3. All T-shirts should be tucked into pants.

4. No gum chewing, eating or drinking (other than water) during class. Water bottles are allowed.


Make up classes

1. Due to our specific class registration policy, we are unable to provide make ups in our regular classes. Make up classes due to holiday gym closures  will be offered at the end of the month on specified days. Sign up in advance at the front desk, no drop-ins please.

3. We do not prorate or refund for missed classes.



1. No parents or siblings allowed in any gymnastics area.

2. Observers are welcome at any time. Preschool parents please use good judgment. If your child is distracted by your presence, please remind them to stat in class and to listen to their coach. You are encouraged to remain in the building with little distraction.

3. Please remain quietly in the designated viewing areas while observing. Keep other siblings with you. Please do not loiter at the front door.

4. Please do not talk to your child while he/she is in class.

5. We encourage parent/teacher communication. Feel free to talk with your child’s teacher after class or leave your number with the office so an appointment can be arranged to contact you at a later time.

6. Absolutely no climbing on lobby benches.



1. Every student should feel challenged. Students are moved up when they have mastered the skills at their level. Move up skill requirements for each All students must be evaluated and approved by a senior instructor before moving to the next level. When your child is ready, his/her instructor will recommend arranging such evaluation. Please feel free to discuss your child’s progress with his/her instructor.


Payments and Registration

1. NSF checks receive a $30 fee. If a credit card is rejected, there is a $20.00 fee.

2. Additional registrations will be given a 10 percent discount off the least expensive class. This does not apply to team athletes.

3. Our gym runs classes on a month to month basis in 28 day cycles. This allows every student to have 4 classes per month without the compromise of prorated dates due to some months having 5 weeks. Therefore, there are NO CLASSES the 29th-31st of any given month. Summer sessions are an extension of our year and therefore, your child will remain in their current class schedule unless a notification of change or withdrawn is made.


Annual Fee:

There is an annual membership fee of $30 per student  or  $80 per family.




Printed Name____________________________________________________________



Concussion Information

Concussion Danger Signs

In rare cases, a dangerous collection of blood (hematoma) may form on the brain after a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body that may squeeze the brain against the skull. Call 9-1-1 right away, or take your child or teen to the emergency department if he or she has one or more of the following danger signs after a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body:

Dangerous Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion

  • One pupil larger than the other.

  • Drowsiness or inability to wake up.

  • A headache that gets worse and does not go away.

  • Slurred speech, weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination.

  • Repeated vomiting or nausea, convulsions or seizures (shaking or twitching).

  • Unusual behavior, increased confusion, restlessness, or agitation.

  • Loss of consciousness (passed out/knocked out). Even a brief loss of consciousness should be taken seriously.

Dangerous Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion for Toddlers and Infants

  • Any of the signs and symptoms listed in the Danger Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion list.

  • Will not stop crying and cannot be consoled.

  • Will not nurse or eat. 

Information from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Safe Sport 

On June 19, 2019, USA Gymnastics released its updated Safe Sport Policy, which is the foundation for rules, policies and responsibilities for athlete safety and well-being and the prevention of abuse. The 2019 policy encompasses the requirements of the “SafeSport Code for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements” and federal laws, including the “Protecting Young Victims and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017.”  Here is a link for more information: 

Morrison Gymnastics Academy follows all Safe Sport rules, regulations, and policies. All MGA Coaches are Safe Sport trained annually. 

Liability Waver

Parent and Child Release of Liability Waiver

Morrison Gymnastics Academy LLC


Name of child participant:____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian (Print)-___________________________________________

In consideration of Morrison Gymnastics Academy LLC.  I/we the undersigned, realizing no insurance coverage is provided for the participants and that without this Release of Liability Waiver the organization would not be able to provide such recreational/team activities.  I/we assume financial responsibility for any costs and/or damages relating to any incident or injury that might occur while participating in any program.

I/we despite all reasonable precautions implemented for safety, am/are fully aware of and appreciate the risks, including the risk of catastrophic injury, paralysis, and even death, as well as other damages and losses of associated with participation in the programs or activities. I/we knowingly and willingly assume all such risks. Consequently, I/we hereby for myself, heirs, executors and administrators, do wave and release any and all rights and claims for damages against the owner, operators, coaches and other members of Morrison Gymnastics Academy, LLC. for personal injury or accident of any sort or nature suffered by me/us, the undersigned, by reason of participation or membership and classes, lessons, or any programs or activities of Morrison Gymnastics Academy, LLC.

Parent/Guardian Signature:______________________________________

Minor Release

I, the minor’s  parent and/or guardian, understand the nature of these activities and the minor’s  experience and capabilities.  I/we believe the minor to be qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such activities. I/we hereby release, discharge, covenant not to sue and agree to idemnify and hold harmless each of the releases from all liability claims, demands, losses, or damages on the minor’s account, including negligent rescue operations. I/we further agree that if, despite this release, I, the minor, or any one on the minor’s behalf makes a claim against any of the releases from any litigation, expenses, attorney fees, lost liability, damage, or cost any may occur as a result result of such claim.  

Parent/Guardian Signature

:________________________________________  Date ____________

Emergency phone # ________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________________

I authorize any photography/videography of my child/children to be published on the Morrison Gymnastics Academy website and/or Facebook page.  Only first name, if any, will be used.

Yes_____ No_____