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We are very happy to announce that Skagit County has opened! With that being said, Morrison Gymnastics Academy is reintroducing all classes with continued Covid policies and procedures. All vaccinated individuals are welcome unmasked.  All students ages 3-12 years of age will be required to mask until further notice. Our staff is welcoming families with new class schedules/opportunities and we look forward to helping your kiddos that might be bouncing off your walls! 

MEMERSHIP: There is an annual membership fee of $30 per student or $80 per family.

Note: Morrison Gymnastics runs on a four week schedule. There are no recreational classes on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of any month.

Thank you to all who voted. We are honored to be a finalist in Skagit's Best Business of 2020!

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New COVID Gym Policies 


We are happy to be servicing our families in Skagit County. Here’s a list of what you should expect as we continue to implement procedures with a “re-start” for the near future.


Covid-19 Safety Procedures for starting back up continue during Phase 3, which also allow us to run at 50% occupancy. 

Morrison Gymnastics will be following the guidelines listed below until the CDC or Governor Inslee removes some of their recommendations.

All class participants will need a signed a waiver of risk for Covid-19 in order for your child to attend any practices during Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Parents, please take your child’s temperature every day prior to practice. Keep your gymnast home for any temp > 100.00 for at least 48 hours.  In addition, your child should stay home until their temp is <= 100.00 for 48 hours. Please keep your child home for any cough, shortness of breath, fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches that are not related to exercise, loss of smell/taste, pink eye, vomiting or diarrhea.

Student should be dressed for class and hair up/done if needed prior to arriving to gym.  We want to remind parents and students that there is a limit for the bathroom—one at a time (unless your family member/child needs your assistance). Due to the small area outside the bathroom, socially distance markers will be available as necessary for a wait line.

Students can wear socks, gymnastics shoes, or go bare feet. However, socks without traction will need to be removed prior to going on any high beams.

Athletes electing to use chalk will be required to sanitize bar areas immediately following their bar workout.

We suggest students bring their own personal water bottle, filled at home and using a water bottle that does not require hands/fingers to come into contact with the drinking opening to open/close the water bottle.

During Phase 2 and 3 we will adhere to a maximum of 6 students per recreational class. We will have more windows and doors open to facilitate extra air flow.

We are currently asking that only 1 parent per student watch classes from our viewing area for a maximum of 60 minutes per class. There are socially marked designations for seating. We will also provide socially marked areas outside one garage door for additional viewing. 


The new State mandates require adult visitors to wear a mask and maintain 6’ from others.

Our class schedule has been changed to stagger the start times so that only 1-3 classes will be in the gym at one time.

All parents and students will enter from the main entrance where one of our front desk staff or coaches will do a covid-19 symptom check and possibly a temperature check. Students will be required to wash hands upon entering the gym. One of our staff will escort students to the marked designations on the blue gym prior to starting class. 

We will have staff on hand to clean various surfaces throughout the day.

Coaches will wash their hands between classes and will wear masks as needed when spotting athletes for their safety. 

All staff members are to agree to adhere to a 72-hour wellness standard. Should they feel fatigued, or obtain a fever, within 72 hours of a shift, they are required to call-out from the shift. 

Upon any information that a staff member or visitor should test positive for Covid-19 we will immediately notify all family members and personnel who may have been exposed and require a 14 day quarantine. We recommend you contact your doctor.

We ask that families register, pay, and make all their class changes over the phone during our transition, until we get to phase 4 of the Governor’s plan.  Our office will be available if you are able to maintain 6’ from one another (wearing a mask is suggested). We ask that students leave their personal items with their parents during class as to avoid lack of social distancing when class is dismissed.

Open gyms: Phase 3 with maximum of 20 participants (Start date and times to be announced).  

Birthday Parties: Phase 3 with limited participation. 

Phase 4 back to regular schedule.


The Staff and Management thank you.



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Safe Sport 

On June 19, 2019, USA Gymnastics released its updated Safe Sport Policy, which is the foundation for rules, policies and responsibilities for athlete safety and well-being and the prevention of abuse. The 2019 policy encompasses the requirements of the “SafeSport Code for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements” and federal laws, including the “Protecting Young Victims and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017.”  Here is a link for more information: 

Morrison Gymnastics Academy follows all Safe Sport rules, regulations, and policies. All MGA Coaches are Safe Sport trained annually. 

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Skagit County is the ideal place for Morrison Gymnastics to grow, thrive, and become a positive member of the community. Our gym hopes to serve the communities of Anacortes, Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, Stanwood, Arlington, La Conner, Sedro Woolley, Mount Vernon, and towns such as Hamilton, Lyman, and Concrete. We look forward to serving all of the North Sound. We would love to hear from you as well. Send us any comments or questions.

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